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SMT Capacity & efficiency

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SMT Capacity & efficiency | 27 August, 2015

Hi all,

Is anyone here expert in SMT area? I would like to know how can we calculate/measure our SMT LINE EFFICIENCY. Our smt line configuration is DEK Printer-->pick & Place-->reflow oven. I am new in this industry, and i have to calculate SMT line efficiency and productivity in daily basis.

hope that anyone here can help me on this.

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SMT Capacity & efficiency | 27 August, 2015


To calculate both values you need:

1. Theoretical speed of all machines (Printer, SMT, Reflow). This is a basic upper limit value of speed. Use it for calculate a maximal theoretical values as upper limit. For real values, read next.

2. High resolution calculation: a. Each SMT setup has many component shape types. Both values are based on component shape types and quantity of each of it. For example: speed of pick&place of BGA/QFN/etc is much much slower than chip such as 0402, 0603. This resolution is a best one b. Check a size of line and space between stations. This values can be a factor of the speed.

3. Simple calculation (between 1 & 2): a. Find an avg. time for pick & place component by using Stopper or from log information on machines (you can combine both of them). avg. time for pick & place component = sum(different n single PCB time / a same PCB SMT component quantity) / n b. Now, you can find a speed for each PCB based on avg. time for pick & place component. c. This is a fast and simple calculation but you can find yourself in a problem of time. Some works can take more time and other works may be set with over time. Be careful with this calculation.

By the way, those calculation can take a factor of errors generated in any part of process. So, you can take a possibility of error as percent of your calculated value. You can't see the future but can see the past.

Also, if you need software solutions, you are welcome to read about them on our website:

Best Regards, Alexei

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