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DeltaScan - Vectorless testing

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DeltaScan - Vectorless testing | 24 August, 2015

Hey all, New guy here. I'm working with an Acculogic Sprint 4510 flying prober that I have been tasked with figuring out how to utilize DeltaScan features on. I have been able to get one IC to give me positive feedback in regards to reading back signals high enough to break the 300 threshold. I'm having issue understanding how to set up my machine. The help files give little in the way of details and I'm completely new to ICT/Flying Probe testing as it is. My boss took a two week training course 3 years ago, but I have very little experience here. Does anyone know how these tests work, what is needed for this particular machine? I have set up a single stationary bottom probe contacting ground and the heads are supposed to stimulate and measure the delta between pins, but for some odd reason, I can't seem to get other chips to read back any level other than 0, or 1... some might go as high as 14. I hope someone out there can provide me some guidance, I would truly appreciate the help. Thanks

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DeltaScan - Vectorless testing | 26 August, 2015

Hi, There are some good training manuals available, you can likely get them buy going to or emailing to The manuals are also in the installation folder and help files, but often speaking with a support person is much faster.

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