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Mirae 1010

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Mirae 1010 | 19 August, 2015

Hi I have a 1010, that I believe is not functioning correctly on startup. I have used MPS1030p, MPS1020p and mx200 machines before as a comparison.

Usually with the above machines once the pc has turned on and serial communication is connected through the MrTerminal the operator can then turn on the m/c power which intern starts the machine comms script to scroll down in the MrTerminal.

My machine doesn't do this at all and no data is displayed on the MrTerminal. In order for the script or any comms to appear on the MrTerminal I have to wait until the machine has engaged its servo and starts to move at which point if I press Telnet on the MrTerminal the communication on the MrTerminal starts to display from that point on. This is more of an inconvenience when a fault develops during startup as I have no idea what is the issue.

I am being told by equipment supplier who supplied the machine that this is normal, which doesn't sound right to me, as I have not encountered this problem before on any of the other mirae machines I've worked on?

If anyone has experienced this problem or knows of a solution please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Mirae 1010 | 19 August, 2015

Try a more intelligent telnet program that has a few diagnostics. I dont know the Mirae machine myself but the ext thing would be to do a trace on machine operation. maybe the booting sequence has the Telnet Host( Or is it Client?) boot after the machine has started. Depending on programming this may be trivial or very difficult to change. In the good old days I used to run in-circuit emulators to help debug machinery but this hasn't happened much since the 80286 processor was released.

Good luck

regards sarason

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