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Simple conformal coating machine

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Simple conformal coating machine | 14 August, 2015

Hello, I want to make a simple conformal coating machine, I think in a Cartesian robot with MACH3 software. My questions are about the G-Code for the program (the software to design: % open/close nozzle, the paths (trajectory), import the pcb file (I think the gerber file)) and the nozzle construction, etc. Thanks a lot. -Juan

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Simple conformal coating machine | 18 August, 2015

Why not just pick up something like an old Camalot 1414 and use that? Then all the work other than rigging up a valve is already done. 1414s go for a couple or five grand in workable condition, especially without a pump.

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Simple conformal coating machine | 20 August, 2015

Is going to be a lot of work to do something like that, money and time, why not buy something on the market? camalot is a good brand or PVA is another brand.

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Simple conformal coating machine | 27 August, 2015


buy a manufactured machine!

is not hard to build one, but the know how after you build it is the key point for you! Are you able to build and control the applicator to coat your board? are also some Budget machine on this area, look for Dima, Camalot, Asymtek, Gen3, etc....

Good luck!

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Simple conformal coating machine | 10 September, 2015

There are factors that manufacturers have taken into consideration when dealing with coating. On/off times, dispense speeds, heights, etc.. Dedicated software with tools to easily map out paths are a godsend. We made our own coating machine with a scara robot; works, nowhere near capable as our C740 from asymtek.

Buy a used machine.

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Simple conformal coating machine | 11 September, 2015

I built one using an old Asymtek Automove. When all was said and done, it cost less than $400, including what was paid for the machine itself. It's a very basic setup, (air over syringe), but for our needs it does everything and more. With air to syringe cleanup is easy enough, you never have to worry about cleaning the valve or replacing lines, you just swap the needle, or replace the syringe. FluidMove XP is not all that great, but honestly it gets the job done.

Biggest hurdle encountered was finding a fast enough air-valve to control the flow.

And it's really not that hard to figure out past getting the machine put together. It took me a day or two of messing with the settings in FluidMove XP to get a working, production level program.

If the fluid your dispensing isn't of a low viscosity I'd highly recommend a similar route. You'll save yourself a lot of money at the end of the day.

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