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smt line - floor requirements

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smt line - floor requirements | 14 August, 2015

Hi all, 2 weeks ago we installing a new P&P machine - chip shooter.But , after installation proved that vibration of the new P&P arŠµ very strong.If I use mashine to 100% of the speed the machine vibrating and after 2-3 panels moving 3-5 mm.The machine is placed on the stteel plate 20mm , which is welded to a metal pipes.Pipes are put in the a concrete block.Between the legs of the machine and the floor has a thin rubberDoes anyone have a similar proble?What should be the floor to avoid flicker machine? Thanks.

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smt line - floor requirements | 27 August, 2015


Take out the steel plate, is acting like a trampoline, oscillating with the machine movements!

Is the machine leveled OK? The installation guys use 0.02/1000 Spirit Level ( leveler )? Let the machine on the concrete floor, try first on the top of rubber, if not cutout rubber around legs!

good luck!

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smt line - floor requirements | 18 September, 2015

Thanks FCM,

we remove the metal plate and make a new ferro-concrete base.Under foot put ESD rubber.Now machine working perfect - without any vibration.

Thank you very much and success.

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