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Universal GSM Feeder Issues

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Universal GSM Feeder Issues | 10 August, 2015

This issue has been haunting me for a little bit, but, it is now starting to really affect running boards.

I'll be in the middle of a run, and have a feeder issue, and the GSM will identify the feeder. I'll review the issue (jammed tape, no part available, etc), and replace the feeder. I'll see the message in the messages window that tells me the feeder has been inserted. Then, usually before the head can come over and pick up a part, the feeder will magically "bounce" off line. Sometimes I can jiggle the feeder and get it back on line, pointing to a poor connection between the pogo-pins and the machine, but, most times, I am unable to get the feeder working.

So far we have tried cleaning the contact areas on the machine, cleaning the contacts of the pogo-pins, as well as jiggling the feeder once installed to try to find a magic work point, all to no avail.

Today, I'm having it at random spots around the machine. I'll place a handful of parts from a feeder, then have the issue.

Any thoughts on what I might need to do to fix this?

Thanks in advance ..rob

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Universal GSM Feeder Issues | 13 August, 2015

We had occasional problems and usually solve it by pulling out pogo pins slightly to extend them a bit...

Also note that electric feeders have "reel empty" sensor that gives the same error message (if you are using cut tape strips without reel)

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Universal GSM Feeder Issues | 13 August, 2015

A lot of these are cut tape (I think nearly all of them)....and they're all on electric feeders..

hmm.....where can I find that reel empty sensor? That would certainly explain a lot!

thanks, ..rob

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Universal GSM Feeder Issues | 14 August, 2015


We found the reel empty sensor on the feeders late yesterday.

Now, I'm feeling a little dumb after this episode!

Apparently, I have a few feeders that have had this "feature" disabled (or that it's broken on), which made it even more difficult to diagnose.


Thanks for the assist....


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