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Flux Fluxing applciation standards

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Flux Fluxing applciation standards | 28 July, 2015

Hi to all, I'm new to this.

My question is is there any standard that tells how much flux you should add to a PWB?

My boss tells me they used to do process control by weighing the PWB before and after so guestimate the amount of flux. but Is ther an actual standard??

Thank you

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Flux Fluxing applciation standards | 29 July, 2015

There is no current standard for the amount of flux that should be applied to a board. Current standards focus on what the result of a process should be, not how the process should be performed. So, the standard tells you that you need a procedure defining flux application and coverage.

That being said, your boss' approach is not far from one that you might consider as you move forward in developing your own process specification. Wave, foam and spray fluxers all will be similar, but different. First step: consider contacting the rep for your flux supplier. Your flux supplier has already plowed this ground.

BR ... davef

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Flux Fluxing applciation standards | 29 July, 2015

Hi Thank you for the reply.

I will going on contacting my supplier.

we are currently using 2 different wave machines

a Soltec Delta wave & Opti Flux on SpeedLine Machine.


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