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Juki 3020

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Juki 3020 | 27 July, 2015

Looking for any info/opinions on anyone using Juki 3020's in a production setting.

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Juki 3020 | 10 August, 2015

I just have something you want, I just bought in 10 sets form Taiwan, I wonder if your company have any firm offer with Juki 3020vl 2012 machine?

If it is possible very please let me know if you have the interest also please left your contacting number, ill contact you as soon as possible.

Thank You


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Juki 3020 | 11 August, 2015

Charlie, We have 3010's. They are the chip shooter version of a 3020. I believe the only difference is the 3020's have a parts camera.

We run them two shifts every day in a high mix/high chage-over environment and they work great. The only thing that I (really) do not like is the integrated trackball in the keyboard.

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Juki 3020 | 13 August, 2015

Thanks Sr. Tech.

I was beginning to wonder if we were the "first" to use their 3000 series machines (guinea pigs). We have 2 2080's, a 2060 and some older 700 series Juki P&P. We have been struggling a bit with component definitions and recognition on our 3020's. Transferring existing programs from our 2080 line to our 3020 line has been an adventure. We've also had a steep learning curve using the offline IS software. We are getting used to them of late. Appreciate the response.


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