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Conceptronic HVA102 request for help

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Conceptronic HVA102 request for help | 10 July, 2015

I could really use some help,

My oven is continually blowing one of the SFC fuses (the one on the left as it sets in the machine) when the conveyor tries to run. It appears that the traces on the circuit card were having too much current pulled through them as they have bubbled a bit. The 4 diodes in that circuit have gotten a bit cooked as well. I replaced that board with a used one from EBAY. The machine worked for a few minutes, but it now blows the fuse as well. I have removed the conveyor motor from the circuit, as well as most of the components in that circuit, and still blow that fuse. When the fuse blows, it goes off like the old-time flash bulbs.

If anyone could please give me some advice on what you think may be happening I would really appreciate it.

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