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Feeder loading station

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Feeder loading station | 8 July, 2015

Hi Gentlemen/ladies:

Can someone tell me where I can buy a GSM Advantis feeder loading station(for used one)?

Appreciated your information.


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Feeder loading station | 9 July, 2015

Look at the blue colored "New SMT Equipment" and "Used SMT Equipment" nav tabs on the left side of this screen.

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Feeder loading station | 10 July, 2015

That is the good site to looking for... Thx

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Feeder loading station | 14 July, 2015

Not found, any recommendation?

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Feeder loading station | 15 July, 2015

Here’s what you should try: * Go to the “Used SMT Equipment” nav tab [left margin, upper part of this page] * Click “Add Item” button [weird orangy, peachy color button, right side, near top, above thick blue line] * Complete form, making sure that you choose “WANT”

Heads Up: * This posts a free wanted ad in SMTnet used equipment mart. * All wanted ads get an RFQ sent to SMTnet equipment dealers, so you will surely get a response.

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