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Siemens 80S15 star won't reference

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Siemens 80S15 star won't reference | 1 June, 2015

Good day, I've got a situation with a Siemens 80S15. Everything used to work fine. One day when I switch the machine on the star (12 segment star in the head) just keeps on running when a head reference is commanded in SiTest.

Can somebody please give me pointers where to start looking for the fault?

Regards, Frix

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Siemens 80S15 star won't reference | 4 June, 2015

I saw the same problem before we changed to S20. S15 has a problem with the components. They can fall into the head easy. Try to remove the head, clean the inner encoder and check there isn't any small component.

If you work with 0402 or same/smaller components maybe it can be the source of your problem.

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Siemens 80S15 star won't reference | 4 June, 2015

Good day,

Thank you very much for the response. We are currently running 0603 and larger. I don't think there is any components that got into the head.

I've been reluctant to open up the glass encoder of the head - it seems that a lot of the parts must be stripped off to gain access to it. Can you perhaps give me some pointers on what to avoid or watch out for while opening up the encoder cavity?

Do you know of any measurement points where the encoder signal can be picked up by a scope? It would help if I can identify if the problem is on the encoder side or higher upstream. The LEDs on the axis IO cards shows that the star zero pulse on gantry 1 doesn't get detected, whereas it does successfully on gantry 2.

Regards, Frix

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