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Asymtek AUTOMOVE FLUIDMOVE question | 11 May, 2015

Hi All,

I have an old Asymtek AUTOMOVE 402 that actually worked pretty good. The PC died on it and I'm trying to get things running again.

I have the DOS software, but I figure if I'm going to set it up I may want to get newer software.

1. Do you know if you can run the newer FLUIDMOVE XP FmXP with these old machines?


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Asymtek AUTOMOVE FLUIDMOVE question | 12 May, 2015

Hello g,

I was alerted to your post by our marketing team. Yes, the Automove can run Fluidmove for Windows XP but only if the system does not have a downward looking camera and only if greater than serial number 3812. If it has a camera then the PC configuration must match the original and that is somewhat difficult with 20 year old hardware. The firmware must be version 3.64/3.64 and it was only on later systems. A 402 with a serial number of less than 3812 will likely not be upgradeable.

If you do not need a camera, you can source your own PC or laptop and install FMXP. You would use the needle tip to align fiducials and teach dispense locations.

We can assist through our technical support team here in Carlsbad, CA. 800-ASY-MTEK. Just ask for technical support. We can also perform a billable service to go on site to your facility to install the software on your computer and assist with the configuration process. It would be helpful to know the serial number and starting configuration to see how feasible this is.

Joe Curran TSG Manager, Asymtek

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