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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | 1 May, 2015

We recently purchased a Quadra Laser P&P machine from another company. The machine is in good conditions and we've been able to test most of the hardware functions of the machine, including fiducial recognition, feeders and header exchange.

We feel that we are very close to start assembling our first boards but are stalled about how to associate a feeder to a component. The table of components is editable except on that field. The manual says that the association has to be done from the table of feeders but then nothing is explained about how to do that.

The seller is unable to provide an answer so before calling the technical service I wanted to know if anyone in this forum could help.

Thanks in advance!

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | 1 May, 2015

I have added the TWS Quadra format to my program PCBSynergy Which can be downloaded here.

I have only just released this update in the last 2 weeks.But I wrote it about 8 months ago so all the details are fuzzy. The TWS Quadra format has holes in the QFF format but the QFP I think is OK. The format I believe is available from the TWS website so you should be able to work out the logic of the feeder connection. Since I don't own one of these machines I don't have one in front of me to answer your question. But contact me at the email on my web page and it should be possible to solve your problem.


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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | 2 May, 2015

Thanks Sarason, I will take a look at your software ASAP.

In the meantime, I've been able to answer my own question. Feeders can be associated to components by using the same component name in both tables. It's very simple in fact.

These TWS Quadras are very popular in Europe. They are robust and flexible, a good entry point for full vision assembly. I'm just sad to see the lack of a community forum where to share experiences and tricks.

Thanks guys.

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | 27 September, 2016

hi all i have a quantra laser and 12 feder bank for sell

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | yesterday at 12:51 PM

Hello Have you sell it?

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | today at 01:47 AM

> Hello Have you sell it?

hello the machine are still here

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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | today at 04:50 AM

Hi, Do you have any spare feeders? (faulty or broken is fine)



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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone? | today at 05:44 AM

hi we not use this machine last 6 months while we use 2 silplace machines. so we want to sell feeders, machine,spare parts together

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