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Philips/Assembleon Software Update

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Philips/Assembleon Software Update | 25 April, 2015

We are using a Comet chipshooter complemented by an Emerald for more complex parts. Both are old but true workhorses, for our small batches are more than enough. There is one annoying thing with the Comet and the 2 tables method when it comes to fiducial recognition. In plain words, if the fiducial is not recognized on either table we have to stop and the parts loaded on 32 nozzles dropped. The Comet has VIOS version 0.99, and the vision hex file is KG2-44D0.251. The Emerald, using VIOS 1.28 Rev. 2.00 and vision hex file KG7-44D0.266 has a nice feature: if a fiducial is not recognized, pressing F10 allows manual correction by sizing and placing a window on the fiducial's camera screen. Any idea if the Comet's software version can be upgraded or at least the vision part in order to have this manual correction option? Any comment or idea will be highly appreciated.

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