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Prototype SMT Printers

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Prototype SMT Printers | 3 March, 2015

We are in need of a small SMT printer able to double sided boards with an emphasis on fast changeover and the ability to have board supports.

Our typical lot size is 1-20 pieces of rigid boards with technologies down to 0.5mm pitch and 0201's.

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Prototype SMT Printers | 3 March, 2015

Up front qualifier; I represent this company in the US southeastern states. ASYS offers a manual (XM) and semi-automatic (XACT2) EKRA printers.

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Prototype SMT Printers | 3 March, 2015

Most decent manual printers should work out OK for what you are asking. There are also some fairly nice semi-automatic machines that take the basic clamshell design of many manual printers and add some cameras to help with alignment and powered squeegee movement. It looks like Manncorp offers a selection of such models in the US, stencils unlimited used to list loads on one page which was handy...

If you want a fully automatic machine your requirements are not all that challenging even for older models. The Speedprint SP210avi is a fairly attractive and compact example. However, I am only aware of one automatic printer that is designed to operate standalone rather than inline the TWS 3050 or 3100 a configuration that might well suit someone running such small batches.

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