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Quad IVc says

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Quad IVc says | 26 February, 2015

Hi everyone! I have P&P Quad IVc. The Hand Held Terminal (HHT)says "V idle" intead of "V ENTER CMD", and when it is running, the HHT shows commands lines each one at the same time it is running. One of our technician entered mistakenly, at the HHT, FUNTION9 instead of MOD CODE9. So that happend after he entered that comand. FUNTION9 does not appear in the manual (it is just for Quad personnel only) Does anybody know how to fix it? It does not seem to affect the machine's work at the moment, but anyways, it is not the normal mode of working. Daniel

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Quad IVc says | 27 February, 2015

press the control and output button at the same time to toggle back to v enter command.

good luck

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Quad IVc says | 4 March, 2015

Thank you Bob! I have followed your instructions and it is now running with "V CMD ENTER" at the HHT. Daniel

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