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Mydata | 25 February, 2015

Our company have Mydata MY100DX mashine. When assembling project it lags. Assembling - several seconds thinking (sometimes till 10secons) - assembling and this problem repeats all time. When button is pushed it sometimes reacts only after 1-10 secons, but not always. Mydata server is new and cleaned. Maybe someone knows that problem ir could be?

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Mydata | 25 February, 2015

We have MY12 and MY15E machines. I am going to assume what we are seeing also applies to the MY100 series machines as well.

Do you have the electrical verifier option that works with the midas head and centering jaws to check component values of resistors and capacitors? During a run it will occasionally pause and calibrate the verifier. You get a message that it is calibrating verifier in the message log. This pauses the machine for around 10 seconds during a run and is normal.

We also see a pause or lag between the time when we push a button for the machine to start and when it actually does start running. This is typically 2-4 seconds and is normal.

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