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Dual Lane SMT Processing

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Dual Lane SMT Processing | 24 February, 2015

We're a Tier-1 Automotive Supplier, manufacturing here in the Good Ole U S of A, and I'm in the processing of putting together our newest SMT Line. This new line will be a dual lane SMT Line. I've been in the industry a long time, and have put together quite a few SMT Lines, but this will be my first Dual Lane Line. I've done some research already, but thought it would be a good idea to ask all of you fine folks for your input. We've already purchased our Dual Lane SMT Placement equipment, so I'm really just looking for layout ideas for the peripheral front end and back end equipment. Does anyone have some experience in this area that they would like to share?

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Dual Lane SMT Processing | 26 February, 2015

What automotive circuits will you be building? Speedo's, ECU's,keylocks, small peripheral boards for locks, Body Control computers etc ?


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Dual Lane SMT Processing | 28 February, 2015

Hi,can I help you? We make the Dual lane reflow oven in China for many years ,and in the past time we offer the machines to Flextronics and Continental automotive. can you tell me that how many zones of reflow oven you are looking for? thank you very much if you can tell me your email address. I can send you our dual lane reflow ovne solution. Best regards. Thompson Tang,; HB Automation

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Dual Lane SMT Processing | 23 March, 2015

I have experience with Dual and triple lane production and perhaps can assist. I am on the PCB handling side so I am not vendor specific but more about good line flow. Many companies offer dual lane solutions today and for high volume automotive there are options available to you from dual lane pick and place, ovens and AOI also. This is complex so not sure we could get this done on SMTNET? Let me know or you can call my cell (262)237-1520 Gary Goldberg / PROMATION, Inc.

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