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Humiseal 1A33

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Humiseal 1A33 | 24 February, 2015

Hello , We are using Kester 959T flux and we wish to purchase Aim Ws 716 flux, due to higher activity. We also use humiseal 1a33 for conformal coating. Is anyone using Aim flux and humiseal 1A33, are they compatible ? Thank you for info

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Humiseal 1A33 | 24 February, 2015

Well, since you're looking at a water soluble flux from AIM, I'm guessing you wash the boards before you conformal coat them.

Thus, I wouldn't expect any interaction between the excess flux that you're washing off of the boards and the Humiseal that you are later applying to the boards.

Cheers, ..rob

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Humiseal 1A33 | 25 February, 2015

Sorry , I`ve got the wrong flux code ,we use NC Kester 959T and we intend to use NC277 VOC-free from AIM, Cheers

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