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ERSA Hotflow 5

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ERSA Hotflow 5 | 21 February, 2015

Hello all,

I have recenetly come into possesion of a used Hotflow 5 oven and I'm trying to get it running. Unfortunatly the LCD/Keypad has been damaged and although it still works, some of the buttons don't function and the LCD has lines through it. I found the manual for this oven burried in the oven itself and was actually able to order the PC software to interface with the oven from ERSA.

I'm struggling to get it running, right now I have the LCD Keypad unplugged and I'm trying to use only the PC software on com2 of the PLC, but I'm not getting any values on the screen. The software has an hour glass / Arrow icon that osccilates between those two images when serial data is being transfered so I assume that this part is working. The PLC on the unit has the stop light lit and the fehler(error) light flashes 8 times.

I did try and contact ERSA and got the option to purchase a $2000 yearly service contract with $135 and hour labor rates....

Any help would be appreciated.

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