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AOI machine

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AOI machine | 17 February, 2015

I am planning to Bye Mirtek MV-7 omni AOI machine. Can anyone tell me what are the possible breakdown of this machine and how much stable machine is this. In terms of long run, False call.

Can I check 0105 package by this machine? and also BGA IC ?

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AOI machine | 17 February, 2015


I have two of these for the last 3 years(MV-7xi). Buy the machine with the best camera they offer and with the telecentric lens - it gives great view and resolution. I had to replace the controller for conveyer open/close on both of them. I also have one big dense PCB that will use many mounting windows and will crash the software because it is using all the memory(from Mirtec offered me to make two programs for this product). It is hard to make solder recognition to work without many false alarms(pad size, pad shape, amount of solder, shadows from taller components, package differences ...etc.) It also runs a huge database(we have around 50 customers and several hundred individual jobs that we run. Unless you run a high quantities, you will probably deal with some amount of false calls. Other that that the machine is doing the job and is relatively stable - it catches the defects, which I guess is the purpose.

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AOI machine | 28 February, 2015

Hi Mr.Syed Shahrat, Do you also need the Good supplier of SMT reflow oven? We are from HB Automation in China and we offered the machines to the Flextronics and Continental automotive. My email´╝Ü , if any interest, please just let me know. Thanks and best regards.

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