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Flux thinning

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Flux thinning | 16 February, 2015


We are buying a Vitronics-Soltec wave solder machine with a spray fluxer to replace our old Econopak that has a foam fluxer. Currently we thin our flux (Kester 951) in the foam fluxer per Kester PS-20 and PS-22 test kits with kester 110 thinner. My question is, do we keep thinning our flux for the new wave machine with the spray fluxer?

It would also be nice to know the purpose of thinning flux and applications where it is needed and not needed.

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Flux thinning | 17 February, 2015

We made the same change a year ago, from foam to spray fluxer. One of the reasons we changed, to keep the acid number within specs (foam fluxing) we had to measure once or twice a day and add DI water to make up for evaporation, all along not able to keep the flux chemistry the same from run to run.

Since we have gone to spray fluxing, we use flux straight from bottle to the flux tank. We are using a different flux, that is one designed for spray fluxing. Makes things much easier and a consistent process.

Certainly consult you flux datasheet and even Kester for their recommendations.

Good luck

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Flux thinning | 17 February, 2015

Thanks for the info I will definitely be getting a hold of kester.

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