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Yamaha or Europlacer?

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 13 February, 2015


Can somebody help me? My company would like to buy a new automatic SMT line. Which equipment is better, YAMAHA YS or Europlacer IINEO II. The capacity is same.

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 13 February, 2015

I can offer some background on the IINEO II as I feel it is much better than the Yamaha. I currently have 3 IINEO IIs in production that replaced 3 Assembleon lines. The IINEOs handle quick changeovers better than any SMT line that I have used to date (Fuji, Mydata, Assembleon). 1 trolley holds 33 8mm feeders so all the setup is completed offline ahead of time and just rolled into the machine during changeover. The machine doesn't require you to place feeders in specific locations because it uses intelligent feeders that know where they are on the machine and the machine will optimize it's placements based on how YOU loaded the parts onto the trollies, this speeds up feeder setup times also. The IINEOs also have a very robust electrical test ability. The electrical test feature reduces our "1st Piece" verification time because the passive components were electrically tested during the 1st board assembly.

The IINEO also has a wonderful feature called "NPI" that allows you to walk through all fids, placements, and packages prior to starting to build you first piece. You review all polarities and test packages to make sure it's correct before you start.

I hope this write up helps you out. I'm a big fan of the Europlacer equipment as it has helped me improve line efficiency, quality, and throughput.


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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 13 February, 2015

I have extensive experience with both..I could share a list of 10 major differences, based on your manufacturing environment and the products you make, if you would like. It really matters whether you are high volume, low mix or low-med. volume, high tech, high mix...

I can give you my cell number, if interested.

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 15 February, 2015

I don't quite understand how these two very different machines would end up on the same shortlist. They are very different machines with very different markets. A Europlacer IINEO is very very flexible platform designed for rapid changeovers and complex assemblies. If you fit it with the right options it can build just about anything and implement almost every technology all in one platform. If you are a high mix manufacturer or even a low mix manufacturer with a huge component count on a typical board it is almost unbeatable. The Yamaha is less unique, but by putting multiple units in a line you can build a high volume line that utterly blows the IINEO out of the water in terms of throughput for the same footprint. If you are only buying one placement machine for your line the IINEO would be much easier to live with because of some of its unique features like the matrix tray that gives you somewhere to put trays without costing you feeder lanes. And if 3 trays isn't enough, having 8 feeder bays means losing one to a traychanger isn't such a hardship. If the IINEO's key capabilties are not what you need, the world is your oyster as the Yamaha has many close rivals not least of which are iPulse whose current models you might consider more flexible than stock Yamaha models.

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 19 February, 2015

not a user of either machines but I have assessed quite a lot of machines and iineo II ticked every box for me...

But like others have said, really depends on what you need to achieve with the machine....if you are an OEM and you have a fair idea of whats in the plan now and in the future this should influence your decision BUT if you are a contractor and you need to cover all angles I would buy the iineo 11 without fail...

good luck and hope it all works out for you...


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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 25 February, 2015

As previous posters have mentioned you need to understand your product range, changeovers, number of feeders needed, critically local support, etc.

I've used both and although the Europlacer feeders are nice they are also expensive.

We have lots of Yamaha's, as that was the platform I inherited, and changing over 2500 feeders would not be cost effective. Saying that we have 6 lines and no major breakdowns in 5 years, and I have no complaints. We place 01005s, intrusive reflow metal tabs, push fit connectors up to (30N) and PCBs up to 620mm.

We all tend to love our own kit, and as a great man once said, "Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home."

Try Fuji.


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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 9 March, 2015


I had Assembleon machines for many years, and worked through a total of nine of them. Three years ago we began to look at the short-comings we had, based on the machines capabilities. We started to look for a new SMT platform that could improve on those weaknesses. We wanted something that increased our feeder capacity, and hopefully not the floor plan. We also wanted to add component verification to the machines, to improve on first piece inspections. Feeder improvements, mainly in increased durability, and lower equipment cost, were other considerations. As the Assembleon/Yamaha platform is nothing like the Europlacer, I find it hard to compare the two brands to each other. They both handle various task very differently. But the Mydata line, and Europlacer iineo, did address many of the improvements we were looking for, and became the two finalist in our search. After we bought our most recent iineo, I was asked to write a testimonial about our purchasing, and selection experience for Europlacer. If you would like to view that, it is available in this link. Even though it is based on Mydata vs. Europlacer, it may give you some things to consider in your search.

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 5 May, 2015

Brian, thank you for taking time to discuss your buying experience, I read your link and it was very thorough. I also work for a small CEM using Mydata equipment. We have had Mydata going back to 1998 but truely are looking for something simpler. From our experience Mydata are complicated, yield hundreds of unclear error messages, require complex calibrations all resulting in high component reject rates. We do have hundreds and hundreds of various type feeders each for 8mm, 12mm, etc. to accommodate different sized components in each tape width as you mentioned. The electrical verification is slow and doesn't always correspond well to the actual component values causing us to need to increase the tolerance to get them to pass. We have begun investigating other systems and we share many of the same desires as you do. We want flexibility, reduced equipment size, speed and reliability. I have found 3 manufacturers that offer electrical verification: Mydata, Juki and Europlacer. Did you consider Juki? Could you share your experience with Europlacer service? Does the Europlacer have remote access capability for service evaluation? Service is almost as important to us as the equipment but harder to determine at the time of purchase. Thanks for any input.

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 5 May, 2015

Hi Bill, Thank you for your input. You've reassured me that I've made the right decision. As for Juki, the platform and footprint were not what I was looking for. Plus a demo I had with a Juki machine in the 90's went so wrong (it gave new definition to "chip shooter" when the demo machine started throwing chips everywhere). For those reasons I didn't even look into them. EP does have remote access, and that was very important to us. When we have an issue, whether we caused it or not, we can get a tech logged on and interacting with the machine in a matter of minutes. On site service was an issue with us in the beginning, but EP took our feedback and addressed this concern quickly. The truth is that the way the machine is constructed, you can easily get a tech to diagnose the problem very quickly through remote access, then if on-site work is required, they will send someone out. Email me at for more information. ~Brian

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Yamaha or Europlacer? | 5 May, 2015

Thanks Brian. When we are more serious about buying new equipment I definitely appreciate the offer to e-mail with questions.

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