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Quad QSV-1

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Quad QSV-1 | 24 November, 2014

I have a Quad QSV-1 machine. It has been off for over a year with no power to it at all. I found out that I lost the BIOS on the machine. I have two QSV-1 with the serial numbers one apart from the other so I copied the bios from one to the other and found that the machine will home and I didn't loose any programs that were in the machine. I can't change to another program or get the conveyor to move either. The message says (Tep1-send command failed) Does anybody have any ideas?

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Quad QSV-1 | 25 November, 2014

Tep stands for the transport card. The board is located in the front bottom left of the machine and should be by itself and have green and red leds lit on the top of it. I would try to reseat the card and then try to reboot the machine. If the problem keeps may need to flush the b-rams which will clear out the transport calibration. After doing that you will have to send the calibration back down to the card. If you don't know how to do this go to and e-mail me.

good luck Bob

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