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ALeader ALD515 AOI

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ALeader ALD515 AOI | 7 November, 2014


I am a lucky user of an ALD515 AOI, a cheap Chinese machine, and I would like to aks if anybody has any experience with it? My main problem is a lack of any manuals or tutorials for learning, what cause other difficulties.

I have a one main question about false calls. Sometimes a lot of elements are labeled as false, but in debugging mode after testing them one more time, they pass. If we look precisely at treshold of those elements tests points we can see that all of them are in range. They are labeled as false because of additional parameter named "origin negative" but I dont have any idea what it is. Statistical data? Historical data? Or some old testing standard? Just knowing what this "origin negative" means and how to use it would be a big help.

Thank you for reading.

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