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PCB board preperation

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PCB board preperation | 6 November, 2014

As part of the process of assembly, we have to scuff the surface of our board around the border about a half inch in from the edge before application of an adhesive. We have been doing this by hand with 60 grit sandpaper, we are looking for a way to do this mechanically but our attempt with wire wheels or sanding drums result in gouging into the surface. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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PCB board preperation | 7 November, 2014

Just wondering why you need to scuff the surface at all, as a decent glue should take to the PCB material anyway.

However, it may be a customer requirement, so you have to do it.

Have you thought about getting the PCB's made with a rough surface where it is needed? They may have the ability to provide an area of roughness that is suitable for your needs.

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