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Machine Washable Labels.

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Machine Washable Labels. | 22 October, 2014

Does anyone have any experience with labels capable for withstanding both re-flow and machine wash cycle? We've tried a few different materials and the ones that make it threw re-flow wash off and the ones that make it threw was tend to melt in re-flow.

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Machine Washable Labels. | 23 October, 2014

We tried various products years ago to no avail. As you noted, labels either survived reflow or wash, but, rarely, both.

We had one that was made out of kapton, and no more than .125" wide that survived more than the others...but, I don't recall any definitive reason as to why (manufacturer, adhesive, etc).

We considered getting a laser engraver, and etching a 2d barcode, which contains much more information. Never did go down that road, and, shortly after, I left that company...when I left, we were putting labels on post wash.

cheers, ..rob

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Machine Washable Labels. | 23 October, 2014

Identco has worked for us on all of the mentioned issues.

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Machine Washable Labels. | 27 October, 2014

Hi Rob,

We use a Brady THT-1-457-10 for serialisation, goes through double sided reflow and aqueous or ultrasonic wash depending on customer requirements.


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Machine Washable Labels. | 3 November, 2014

We use Brady as well, P/N THT-47-727-10, with no issues whatsoever. Dobule-sided reflow, select solder, multiple cleaning cycles, ect.

Check with your chemistry manufacturer, they may have already done the leg work for you on label/ribbon compatibility.


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