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Wave Solder issues

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Wave Solder issues | 8 October, 2014

We are having an intermittent issue with a certain board on our wave solder line, machine is a Vitronics 6922 Delta Wave, leaded process. There are 2 fuse holders on one edge of the board that are not getting solder all the way thru the barrel every time. Any way I have tried increasing the flux pressure(spray fluxer), slowed down the speed, (board temp is O/A 200F) at which the board goes thru the solder, turned board in different directions which was partially successful except we started seeing some bridging on a different part, we have increased the solder wave, it also was partially successful, but we were also flooding too many boards. I have tried to upload a picture, but am unable to SMT net keeps coming up with an error. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Wave Solder issues | 14 October, 2014

We have a 6622CC machine for SnPb boards. A few things you may want to try:

- Solderability testing on the components/PCB. - If the fuse holders or copper in the board are sucking up all the heat, try increasing preheat. Some fluxes (like the WS flux in our machine) are very tolerant to preheat well above the mfr's process window. - If your machine has the Chipwave or Smartwave options, try using one or both of those. - If all else fails, try spray fluxing the topside of the boards in the affected area with a spray bottle. It's not ideal, but it takes care of the problem a lot of times when nothing else will.

Good luck!

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Wave Solder issues | 15 October, 2014

Hello Chris

I had a similar problem, what work for us was a combination of fluxer and preheat, we try different approaches what work was high pressure and a low traverse speed, and really heating up the upper part of the board, you see we need to use a solder pallet with 2 bases one for align the terminals and the other one to avoid the terminals from moving up when they are in the wave.

Heating up the upper part helps the solder flow all they way to the upper part.

Hope it helps

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Wave Solder issues | 17 October, 2014

Per IPC-A-610D: Target is 100% vertical fill but 75% vertical fill is acceptable for Class 1,2,3.

Only needing 75% fill of the barrel when soldering plate through on an 0.093" thick board with our selective solder has been a life saver at times.

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Wave Solder issues | 27 October, 2014

Thanks for the replies. It looks like the fuse clip itself is the problem, it seems the "coating" is a chrome like finish over a copper, I believe, anyway I hit the legs with some Emory cloth and inserted them in the board and they were fine after reflow. Thanks for the help.

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Wave Solder issues | 27 October, 2014

Thanks to the OP for the last post, closing the issue.

So many times these threads can kind of tire out, and no one ever knows what the solution to the original problem was.

Of course, that's the point of these forums.


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Wave Solder issues | 28 October, 2014


Exactly why I posted the last. I read the Forum daily on all machines/issues, not just the ones we use, no telling what you'll pick up along the way:)

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