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Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle

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Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle | 7 October, 2014

Hi everyone, Any idea where can I purchase a nozzle for 3535 LEDs in general or Cree XPE specific, for a Philips Topaz/Emerald machine?

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Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle | 7 October, 2014

Try Count on tools, they can probably make what you need.

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Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle | 21 October, 2014

Hi Emanuel,

Chingyi do quite a wide selection of rubber tipped nozzles

If you are in Europe, then Wilfred @ Europe-SMT knows these machines better than most:

Our personal favourite for odd nozzles and Grippers for GEM & Xii is Becky @ Qinyi

Hope that helps,


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Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle | 29 December, 2014

Hi Rob,

I am writing this reply as an update. Unfortunately I got your recommendation a bit too late, I contacted Count-On Tools and ordered from them a custom made nozzle for the Emerald. $300 paid for the "pleasure", everything could be OK if it worked, but this nozzle is a complete disaster, the XPE sticks to the polyurethane head like glue, no matter how many hours I spent on machine adjustments. I switched back to my hand modified nozzle, made long time ago using a 3mm ball head mill which I thought it is not working properly as it missed sometimes, but compared to the $300 "swiss made" it works great.

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