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Vibration Feeders

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Vibration Feeders | 26 September, 2014

Hello all,

I'm curious to hear how successful others have been with vibration feeders on their pick and place machines. We have a MY12 and a major source of consternation comes from parts not shaking down to where they can be picked up. The variable contributing most to performance appear to be the stick the components are placed in, but even then we have the acceleration set way down just to give parts enough time to shimmy down.

What are other people's experience? Is everyone basically moving to ordering all their parts on reels to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

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Vibration Feeders | 27 September, 2014

Reels are 100% the best, vibration feeders should always be a back up, they are quite unreliable through no fault of their own. Say you have 1000 parts to be placed, and the cost of a reel is 100$ more than a tube, but the reel loads 10 to 1 over the vibro (which most feeders can do), not only with you cut your place time by 1/10th, but you will reduce loss and improve placement (reducing rework needed). It might seem like a reel takes longer to load, but if you add in all the tube changes reels win every time.

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Vibration Feeders | 27 September, 2014

A rejected part from a reel is a little bit of a pain to use, where a rejected part from a tube is easy. That doesn't mean that I like tubes though. I have also found that some parts cost more when delivered on tape.

First check that your machine is level.

I resolved my vibe feeder issues by inserting a shim (~.020") at the tail end, under the top shaker part, which required some minor disassembly. This put the tubes at more of a downhill slope.

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Vibration Feeders | 29 September, 2014

Our success rates with MyData vibe feeder were always tentative. Sometimes you'd get it to go great, sometimes, not so much.

MyData allows you to control frequency and amplitude on the vibration. Trying various combinations of the two was key to getting them to work better. A small change in amplitude might not improve your travel, but, that same small change in frequency will (and vice-versa, at times).

Some other items that may help: -Adjust the ramp that the tube is held on...this helps especially on smaller/lighter components. -Group like mass components on the same feeder section. Nothing will give you fits like trying to move an MSSOP 16 on the same section as a SO-24!

It really can be a trial and error thing. MyData tech services should be able to give you a decent starting point in the amplitude/frequency area.

Good luck.

cheers, ..rob

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Vibration Feeders | 29 September, 2014

Don't know if you can do it on a MyData, but I have found that I lower the rate of failed pickups on our machine by altering the placement order of devices. Specifically insisting it does not attempt to pick sequential parts from the same lane. Of course this doesn't help if your component isn't moving down the tube at all. I also find that some tube designs work better than others. So for an SO devices I like the ones that have two 'rails' on the top side of the tube that keep the device centred in the tube. I tend to keep these in the feeder and decant other tube types into them.

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Vibration Feeders | 30 September, 2014

If you are running a Mydata machine why don't you try one of the new stick magazines they offer. These magazines shake rather than vibe and the motion is controlled by the package dimensions. Call your rep and see if you can "borrow" one to try out. Vibe mags have been a major headache since SMT began and everyone has their own little tricks to help them run.

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Vibration Feeders | 7 October, 2014

The new stick magazine he references is the ASM (Agilis Stick Magazine). I have experience running both the vibration mags and the ASM. The ASMs are far better than the old vibe mags. You may have to upgrade your TPSys software to use the ASM but it will be well worth the investment.

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