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Solder wicking up on connector leads

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Solder wicking up on connector leads | 16 September, 2014

We have an issue with solder wicking up the leads/ inside terminations on an SMT connector. The solder coverage is sometimes over 50% of the connectors inside pin length. The terminations are gold plated. Is there an IPC spec for acceptability?

Please advise.

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Solder wicking up on connector leads | 21 September, 2014


there is an IPC standard, IPC-A-610 - Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. According to this manual, solder in the bends of a lead does not matter, but solder touching the body of a component is a defect. I cannot find a specific reference in here for connectors, (glancing through it) but assuming that solder touching a component body is a defect, i would have to assume that wicking inside the connector housing is a defect as well. that being said, most parameters for connectors in this manual state acceptable as long as it does not affect fit, form, or function of connector. i personally would fail it, the companies we build for and im sure most other companies would not be happy with it. If you do not have this manual, it may be a good idea to purchase. Although rather expensive, it has just about any answer you could ask about quality of soldering. i hope this helps.

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