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Universal GSM

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Universal GSM | 15 September, 2014

Anyone out there have a copy of a users manual for a GSM 2?

I've got a machine to get running, and, while I have the software manual, something on the hardware would be useful to have.

Thanks, ..rob

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Universal GSM | 16 September, 2014

There are A LOT of manuals for GSM2. The most reasonable way is to register machine with UIC (~500USD) and you will get access to their WEB-based archives as well as part store. Well worth the money.

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Universal GSM | 2 October, 2014

you can find it on different sites, for refernce some are given below:‎CachedSimilar's%20Manual.pdf pdf‎CachedSimilar

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Universal GSM | 3 October, 2014

Thanks for the suggestion, Arifa.

However, it doesn't look like any of these are for the Universal Instruments GSM2 pick and place machine.

The Keller-Druck link is for a GPRS Modem with a datalogger. The Sparkfun and Cybrotech sites seem to be for a GSM/GPRS Module and Modem. The Rush PCB site is...well, for PCB fabrication.

Cheers, ..rob

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