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My9 Optical Beam Splitter

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My9 Optical Beam Splitter | 15 September, 2014

Hi guys, New to the forum. I always read and look around at used equipment but have never posted. Anyway, I operate a Mydata My9 at a small shop and have recently ran into a problem and wanted to get some good advice.

An employee of mine cleaned the beam splitter glass used on the high res and standard camera, with windex. The windex took off the anti-reflective coating on the glass and ruined it. I called up Edmunds glass and ordered what seems to be the right replacement. When I called Mydata before replacing it they told me they have no idea what kind of glass it is and I need to buy the whole vision system.... Anyways. Does anyone know what kind of glass is used in the optical unit?

Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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