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FUJI CP65 0201 CAMERA | 22 August, 2014

I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem. My FUJI CP65 with 0201 camera is working fine for a while. Now, it starts losing the vision on 0201 camera. The system will run for a while then I don't see the part on the part monitor when the nozzle pickup. At this point, the nozzle check does not work. I think the system can not talk with 0201 camera. Other camera work fine. The system will work again when I do the warm boot by reset the reset switch on the CPU board. I did replace the vision card but it did not help. If you have experience with this problem, please help.

Thanks, -Michael

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FUJI CP65 0201 CAMERA | 9 September, 2014

My guess is it started working today?

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FUJI CP65 0201 CAMERA | 16 September, 2014

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