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Coilcraft Inductors Open

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Coilcraft Inductors Open | 13 August, 2014

After wash cycle, some of the inductors are open (broken wire). Resistance across the two ends should be below 4 ohms (normal) however on broken wire shows above 200 ohms. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. We are using High-Reliability Power Inductors ML416PJB

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Coilcraft Inductors Open | 15 August, 2014

Hi Dave,

We can help. Please ask this consultant to contact us directly. There are a number of possible reasons and we'll have many questions to get to the root cause. We are always happy to help solve customer problems.

Thanks and Best Regards, Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Christopher Hare Coilcraft Engineering E-mail: Phone: 847-516-7286

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