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Manncorp Pick and Place

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 31 July, 2014

Does anyone have experience with Manncorp equipment? I’m evaluating equipment to install a mid-level production line, and Manncorp was suggested to me to consider. Other equipment I’m considering are Essemtec and Mydata. Any input would be appreciated.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 31 July, 2014


Essemtec and Mydata are big companies in the industry that manufacture machines . Manncorp is a reseller.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 3 August, 2014

I have 2 experiences with Manncorp machines and support, both were not good. Example: One manual was written in Japanese. I requested an English version, but was told it doesn't exist so too bad. I had to pay a local translator to get what Manncorp should have provided.

I switched to Essemtec and have enjoyed the machine and tech support, but recently discovered that the support that I enjoyed and appreciated was due to one individual and not the company's overall approach. I discovered this after finding that the tech support individual had retired. My new contacts have a completely different attitude, which was a surprise. This new attitude has forced me to reconsider continuing with Essemtec.

I have no experience with Mydata.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 4 August, 2014

Mydata (recently changed name to Micronic) will be more expensive than Manncorp but from my experience using Mydata, they are well worth the money. Tech support (in the USA at least) is very good if you go through them to buy the machines. You can find used Mydata machines on the market but if you buy them yourself, you will not have any tech support unless you pay extra to purchase it. I would suggest contacting them and purchasing a refurbished MY series unit from them. You may have to wait a couple months for a refurbished unit to come available but they are much cheaper than a new machine and capable of running a mid-level SMT line.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 5 August, 2014

If you are considering MyData (a fine choice) I would also consider Europlacer. They are in many ways, machines designed for similar markets with slightly different approaches and advantages. I would suggest much of your experience with Manncorp would depend on which series of machines you are looking at. The rebadged MDC equipment from Japan is quite poor and probably what isd's experience is from. Their other machines are from Autotronik and Evest, they are solid machines with perfectly good reputations for reliability. But they are no more than that. Not amazing, not innovative and in the case of the Evest, entirely metric on the software front. It is not unreasonable to suggest that his Essemtec machine was possibly both an OLD and low end model based on what he traded up from. Essemtec would appear to be shifting focus somewhat and now makes more expensive and capable machines than it once did. It is probably quite difficult to support some of its legacy hardware. Smaller older machines are often worked hard on low budgets with poor maintenance. This can mean they are essentially scrap while a well built mid range machine can often be restored quite easily. Bear in mind support costs, service contracts from people like MyData are very expensive but are 24/7 with direct shipping of stocked spares with little lead time. Not everyone can do this. Work out your requirements, get pricing from everyone, tabulate the specs of all your options. Let them compete - its a fierce market and prices WILL fall.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 5 August, 2014

You are correct about the Manncorp machine, it was an MDC machine.

The Essemtec machine is old(ish) but still runs fine, and last I knew they were still supporting it. My recent problem with Essemtec was in regards to software. I found a bug and simply wished to inform them about it. Instead of "thank you, we'll look into that..." I got "you don't pay for tech support...". I didn't want tech support, I only wished to inform. I now need to keep 2 versions of the software installed. The previous support person would have at least looked into the issue, if not for me at least for their paying tech support customers.

Essemtec's attitude was reminisce of that of Manncorp - "You're on your own". That's what can happen if you don't pay (or stop paying) for tech support, especially when the company isn't focused on keeping their customers.

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Manncorp Pick and Place | 6 August, 2014

While I have had very limited experience with mancorp, the experience I have had, has been less than satisfactory. However I do have a great deal of experience with Essemtec. I currently own two complete turnkey smt lines from Essemtec and couldn't be happier. The equipment rivals those sold by the bigger players. I have owned Samsung, Panasonic, Contact, and Universal, and I consider my Essemtec machines a better investment for the money. In my experience they have excellent customer service. They have always had a great attitude and are happy to help. They have even given me remote support after hours and on weekends.

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