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Visual Inspection Post Reflow

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Visual Inspection Post Reflow | 1 July, 2014

Hi Everyone, Just wondering out loud, what type of inspection stations do you guys have for post re-flow? Currently we are using just a bare bones visual station. Is there any recommended station that works well? Or is it just a "whatever fits" kinda thing? We don't do anything BGA side so we haven't had a need for xray and the like.

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Visual Inspection Post Reflow | 1 July, 2014

AOI for us. We also do some visual inspection at de-panel.

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Visual Inspection Post Reflow | 2 July, 2014


What types of failures are discovered at specified? Is it the problems of deviations, angles or incorrect component form? Our customers use software tool QPlan to prepare placement programs (SMT SETUP). It includes simulation, automatic correction of aberrations and angles, and alerts before production. Of customer experience, process reduces 99.9% varied tests are needed after production of SMT and saves the execution time of these tests. If you are interested in please contact me for more information: Also, please read the above tools and other tools on our website:

Best Regards, Alexei

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Visual Inspection Post Reflow | 3 July, 2014

Hola We do AOI for most of our products, but a few ones goes to visual inspection only... -I have the inspection stations with a magnifier & some with a microscope. -I also use an "inspection mask" which has been very useful, it actually covers the PCBA and has cavities only for the SMDs, so the operator can easily identify all the components, the mask is also marked with a dot near pin 1 of each IC. -Also be sure the station is protected against ESD, since a lot of PCBA handling happens in this station. -We set up the stations to use a lighting of 1000 lm/m2


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