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Philips CSM 46/60 Manuals

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Philips CSM 46/60 Manuals | 1 July, 2014

Looking for manuals on this machine. We have the operations manual. We are looking for the service manual. Also any information regarding the communication command language.

Thank you


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Philips CSM 46/60 Manuals | 1 July, 2014

My program PCBSynergy will generate a file for this machine

The machine type is Yamaha YM6021 under the dropdown menus. The Communication control is a little on the difficult side and is not as extensive as what is available via the Keyboard. It also bears no resemblance to what would be described as a sensible monitor program. Really it is best avoided. The interface is hand-shaked RS232C and is fairly straight forward to get running. Hawker Richardson almost certainly would have a manual for the equivalent Yamaha machine a YM6021 or a YM60 or YM84. Also try the Assembleon Website. I was speaking to the South Asia Rep about 6 months ago and he was very approachable. (His name escapes me.) The mechanics of the machine are fairly easily understood as I had to fix a few bent shafts on my machine. However the disassembly was difficult. My machine ran a 80286 processor and had three heads. and spoke UFOS. It was not the same as described in the few sheets of paper I was given with the machine, and so I had to modify it before it would read in properly. If you need any other information feel free to mail me I may be able to provide it. Also there is a Yahoo group PicknPlace that has several CSM60 users in it they may also be able to help

rgeards sarason

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Philips CSM 46/60 Manuals | 1 July, 2014

Thank you for your response! I was actually the guy who emailed you a few days back regarding the blank.jpg error message in PCBsynergy. I would really like to try it, but that error is preventing me. I don't know how to initiate communication. If I create the file, I don't know how to tell the CSM, "ok, get ready, here it comes!" I have all the information regarding local operation with the keyboard. Agreed, the mechanics are very easy to understand. Sounds like I have a similar vintage machine as you. I would really like to see a schematic of the power circuit. To see if the voltage can be tapped for different voltages. Best regards, Pete

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