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JT-620L Wavesolder Help Request

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JT-620L Wavesolder Help Request | 27 June, 2014


I have a JT-620L Wavesolder machine (Made by JYI DIANN MACHINE) that experienced a power fluctuation and had the factory programming wiped. If someone would be so kind to read the settings on the (4) VS-606V7 controllers I would be very appreciative. I have emailed the manufacturer in Taiwan with no answer.

There are 4 of them located on the exit end of the machine.

They are labeled: Motor (1) Motor (2) Preheat Conveyor Belt

Alternatively, if anyone knows a contact here in the US I could probably get what I need that way, but I have not been able to locate one myself.

I thank you for any assistance.

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JT-620L Wavesolder Help Request | 10 July, 2014

If anyone has any experience working on these wave solder machines I could use some help. Is there anyone in the US that knows them inside-out?


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JT-620L Wavesolder Help Request | 14 July, 2014

If anyone knows any tech-service that I can contact to assist me with this wave-solder machine, please let me know!

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