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Wave Soldering Process

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Wave Soldering Process | 25 June, 2014

Hi Sirs,

We are running Tin Lead process and we have boards that required clean and no clean process which have different flux application in our wave process.

We are looking into opportunity to use common flux system for both clean and no clean and we will do it by just replacing the flux tank to use clean flux and if we will run no clean process we just replace the flux tank to use no clean flux and just perform cleaning of flux system using alcohol. Below are the flux and machine we use… Kester 951 - No Clean Kester 2235 – Clean Wave Machine – ELECTRA Flux System - ServoJet Fluxer + Dwell Max Nozzle

Do you have any experience doing this process or any recommendation you can share to me how we can deal on this (process or equipment approach)? Thanks in advance.

Best regards, iam09

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