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Identify smt component

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Identify smt component | 24 June, 2014

Hi Guys,

I have a little keyfob that one of the buttons has stopped working. I have been trying to diagnose the fault and think I have found the offending component.

It looks like one of the diodes is chipped slightly. I have also checked the resistance across the pins against another identical one on the board that looks ok and there is a huge difference.

The chip markings are A6p 33 and I think its SOT-323, any help would be appreciated :)

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Identify smt component | 24 June, 2014 I think this is a BAS16W manufactured march 2003, can anyone confirm this?

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Identify smt component | 25 June, 2014


Identify smt component | 26 June, 2014

Thanks for the hint.

Managed to identify it easier with the codebook, it turned out to be a Phillips A6p Fast acting switching diode.

Luckily I found a A6t (same but made in tiawan), tested to see if the forward current drop was the same and reworked that onto the board.

It now works like a charm, thanks.

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