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contact 3avx problem

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contact 3avx problem | 15 June, 2014

Does anyone have any information regarding troubleshooting for the Contact 3avx machine. I currently work with this machine and now have responsibility on fixing it when it breaks down to which I have no current skills. My current issue may sound simple but I have no clue. It keeps saying "head 2 tip 1 not up" but when I look to see the tip, its not catching on anything. I thought maybe the wires behind the vacuum were getting pinched but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Any suggestions? I appreciate any direction even if it is simple. Thanks in advance. Chantel

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contact 3avx problem | 19 June, 2014

There are two IR sensor (one for tipdown detector and other one for tipup detector) for each tip in each head. You should check infrared sensor for Head2 tip1, that cause may be by dirty between IR emitter and IR receiver. Just clean it and try to run the machine again. I believe you can solve your problem.

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contact 3avx problem | 1 July, 2014

Thanks so much. That was definitely the issue and I was dealing with an issue of the tip not picking up some of the parts. Then, today found out a piece of dust ball was in the vacuum and was able to blow it out, by means of deduction from the sensors to the hoses and such. I am learning slowly. And I hope I can get you again for anymore issues in the future?

Thanks again!

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contact 3avx problem | 2 July, 2014

Yes, I can share you my expriences about Contact SMT placement machine. Just drop a message I'll help you to solve your problems.

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