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Samsung CP20

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Samsung CP20 | 19 May, 2014

We have a Samsung CP20 with window 95, S-2000 MMI version 1.27 from Manncorp Inc. that freeze on window 95 screen. It was found that the mother board was at fault & need to be replaced. We replaced it with a compatible one & kept the original hard drive. It run window ok but pop up error "No response from VME controller, No DP_ACK signal" during DPRAM innitialize... Please help!

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Samsung CP20 | 20 May, 2014

Well that would be a response from the VME bus. Is the PCBoard, the only controller on the buss, or is there a second controller that talks to interface boards etc. If so you might just have a problem with the second controller. Check the control signals on the Buss if some of them are sitting at half voltage permanently then the interface chips for those IC's may need to be replaced on multiple boards. Get out a CRO and examine the Buss when the error comes up.

Oh the joys of debugging Micro-based VME systems.


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Samsung CP20 | 21 May, 2014

Sarason, thank you very much for your support. There is an ISA interface board with just ribbon cable from window 95 PC to VME I/O DPRAM ver. 2 board in the same VME rack that has MVME-162-110 (CPU board), DSP, ADDA, AXIS & CONT boards. Do you think this is the hardware issue & not S2000 software,so we don't need to reinstall the software? We're thinking of buying MVME-162-220 board for replacing,troubleshooting down to component would be more difficult for me. Please give us your opinion.

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Samsung CP20 | 22 May, 2014

Its hard to tell, from this distance.Try and find yourself a good tech in your area. I sometimes find them fixing Mobile phones and TV sets. There would not be too many of us still fixing VME buss systems. Where are yu located?


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Samsung CP20 | 23 May, 2014

We're located in Oak Brook, IL 60523

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