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Quad QSV-1 randomly destroying Z-rods

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Quad QSV-1 randomly destroying Z-rods | 9 May, 2014

We're having an intermittent fault with a QSV-1 where it will on occasions oscillate violently during a run and this usually results in 1 or both Z-rods being destroyed, along with the nozzle currently fitted.

This has been on and off for the last 2 years, but recently we've lost 12 Z-rods in a month.

We've swapped over the MEI cards, had the machine fully serviced and hgad the engineer out 3 times... each time it runs fine for about 2 weeks then the problem reappears. Quite often the gantry oscillation happens upon closing the doors, but now it's starting to happen mid run.

Any ideas?

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Quad QSV-1 randomly destroying Z-rods | 11 May, 2014

Most times when the machine oscillates when closing the doors it will be a problem with the digital i/o cards. I would check that the dip switch settings are correct. If they are correct i would look at replacing both of the cards. The boards are subject to a rush of current when you turn the machines on and over time they tend to have issues like this. Quad realized this and came up with a sequencer kit but most machines dont have it installed. You can swap the cards in the rack with changing the switch settings but it may cause something else to happen. If you need any more can contact me @

good luck

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