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deHarrt Parts



deHarrt Parts | 13 February, 2000

deHaart went out of business last year. We have an EL-20 screen printer.Does anyone know a place to go for parts?

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Re: deHarrt Parts | 14 February, 2000

Ed, Although I cannot remember what issue it was in, you should be able to contact us-tech and find out. Here's a link to get you there. Have FUN!

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Re: deHarrt Parts | 14 February, 2000

Ed: Two things:

1 DeHaart: Lake Madsen Inc 12 Wilmington Rd Burlington, MA 01803 service and parts, Charlie @ (781) 270-3285 2 Buy a used EL20 for parts

Good luck

Dave F

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Casey Scheu


Re: deHarrt Parts | 15 February, 2000

You really sould get rid of the dehart unit. I'm sure your aware of its limitations at this point. Plus, as your finding out service my be an issue. APE will give you a trade in credit on the old unit to apply to the purchases of a new APE system. Give the sales department a call, 305-451-4722 or mail me back.

Casey Scheu

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