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Jot J501-21 router

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Jot J501-21 router | 8 April, 2014

Hi, I have been tasked with getting a Jot router back working, but have none of the accompanying documentation. When machine is powered up the user interface monitor does not turn on, although it does have some power going to it because I can see the screen brighten slightly and faint lines across the screen. The computer seems to power up no problem (although I can't tell for sure because there is no monitor) and the handheld is functioning. If anybody could point me in the direction of the machines documentation or suggest what I could do this would be much appreciated.

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Jot J501-21 router | 10 April, 2014


I have gotten the screen to function, but the router does not go beyond the boot screen. The IT guy here tells me it is a hard drive failure and that will need to be replaced. The data on the hard-drive is non retrievable.

Does anybody know what software is needed to run the router and where can I find it. I've been onto Jot but they are slow to come back to me.

Once again, any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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