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Ersa Versaflow Profibus 6801 error

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Ersa Versaflow Profibus 6801 error | 20 January, 2014

I have an Ersa Versaflow selective solder machine (single bath) which runs via a Profibus control system.

I have checked all of the settings on the inverter, and all of the connections and outputs throughout the machine, but the machine returns a 6801 error when I come to run the solder bath pump.

I have found that the bottom of the solder pot is still hard (solder wise) when the bath temperature reads ready, and thought that the problem was then the lower heater element broken, I have replaced the heater element with a new one and still have the same problem (the lower pump section of the bath is not heating).

Has anyone come accross this problem before and if so what did they do to rectify the problem.

I think that the profibus is returning an error because it cannot pump the motor, because the solder is still solid, but cannot find out why the solder is not melting.

Any assistance would be of great help... and may save what little hair I have left!

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