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Automated Stencil Washer

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Automated Stencil Washer | 4 December, 2013

I'm investigating replacing my Stencil Cleaner.

After searching the fine archives of SMTNET, I'm as clouded as ever.....

So let me ask this... Are there any USERS out there who have a stencil washer that they use every day, and are satisfied with?

I'd be very grateful to hear your replies.

Thank you

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Automated Stencil Washer | 4 December, 2013

I probably should have specified...

This isn't a question regarding cleaning chemistry.

I'm curious to know if any of you have a Stencil Cleaner that is used every day, and functions as intended on a reliable basis.

Thanks again.

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Automated Stencil Washer | 4 December, 2013

We use ours multiple times a day x 3 shifts. As the maintainer, I personally am satisfied I change the filters monthly and keep it full of cleaning fluid. I will say we have another facility that has the same washer, they have had more issues than I have. We have had ours almost 7 yrs, theirs is a little older (8-9 yrs). Pressure Products Company, model PPC-N29TP, Ultrasonic Cleaner. Never had any issues with their support either. Hope that helps.

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Automated Stencil Washer | 4 December, 2013

Thank you for your reply Chris

We have the same exact unit. But we've had issues with the cleaning solution leaching into the electrical cabinet and shorting out the PLC. They use a foam weather strip as the only insulation, and the cleaning solution erodes the adhesive, and causes it to come loose. (We've had them in here twice in the last 18 months to correct the problem, and I again had issues yesterday). Their support has been good, but they don't have any suggestions on improving the design. Based this design, I can't imagine that I am the only customer experiencing this issue.

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Automated Stencil Washer | 4 December, 2013

I did have the problem where it got into my touch screen, and had to replace it. I agree, the seals leave much to be desired. I ordered something from Mcmaster to replace what they had, so far so good. And good luck on your search, If I run into major issues in the future I may come looking for a recommendation.

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