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Measuring Maximum Lead Temperature

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Measuring Maximum Lead Temperature | 26 November, 2013

If I wanted to verify my process to ensure that it is not exceeding maximum lead temperature for the determined time on a component data sheet while soldering, where should i measure from? I am currently measuring from the tip of the lead on the secondary side, but want to make sure that is the correct location to be measuring from.

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Measuring Maximum Lead Temperature | 8 December, 2013

Component fabricator is concerned about the temperature of the lead at the point where the lead enters the component body. So, if you sink temperature at that point, you will assure a lower chance of damaging the component.

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Measuring Maximum Lead Temperature | 11 December, 2013

Thanks! Some component data sheets were specific in terms of where the maximum should be measured from. But most did not. I completed my testing. Thanks.

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