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Belt feeders

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Belt feeders | 25 November, 2013

Hello all.

I am looking for a belt feeder for my Siemens machines. Who is making good belt feeders? Please list some companies that manufacture these.

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Belt feeders | 27 November, 2013


I have yet to find any ‘good’ belt feeders. If a part is offered only in a tube we send the part out for value added tape and reel. Just make sure you specify the polarity of the part in the reel to your vendor. If that is not an option we have made custom trays for parts that must be machine placed. Not really an answer to your question but something to consider.

BR, Mac

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Belt feeders | 28 November, 2013

our company can offer some siemens feeder for sales. Siemens 3*8 Gold Siemens 3*8 SL Siemens 12/16mm 24/32mm 44mm 56mm 72mm 88mm Siemens 2*8 Hover Davis 3*8mm

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Belt feeders | 29 November, 2013

Hi Mac,

we do a lot of tape and reel, but still some work orders are very urgent or the customer doesn't want to cover the T&R process, so we need a decent belt feeder for some standard parts.

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Belt feeders | 2 December, 2013

Dear Evtimov, We are a Tape and Reel Service who offers a "special program" for CM's like yourself. We developed it for exactly what you are facing. It's the only one like it in the country and many CM's take advantage of this. It's a very low cost choice to solving your problem. We are located just outside of Chicago. Do you want us to contact you to discuss? You can view our company at and there is a link there to my email as well. Sincerely, Tony Bondi

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Belt feeders | 2 December, 2013

Hello Tony,

Illinois components is our tape and reel company. Thanks anyways! Emil

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Belt feeders | 2 December, 2013

We have Siemens Vibratory Feeders in stock that will allow you to feed components directly from the tube.

Let us know if we can help.

Jared Garver IBE SMT Equipment

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